About Us


Eight Federal Credit Union was formed in June 1970 when five local 8 electricians organized and formed a charter.  Our credit union continually strives to meet the service needs of our members.  EFCU is a full-service credit union with checking, debit/ATM cards, and many other services.  We offer all consumer and mortgage loans with low interest rates.

Our Board of Directors is elected by the members.  The board's responsibility is to provide general direction and control of the credit union.  At this time, the board consists of eleven members which were elected by our members.  Board members serve 2-3 years.

There are two loan officers available during business hours, so your loans can be processed as needed. 

There is a Supervisory Committee of three members.  This committee acts as the members' watchdog, charged with protecting their interests and acting as a check on the board's authority.